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Welcome to the Alumni Classmate Database. This database is fully searchable by several parameters. Your information is only available to registered classmates. ALL email addresses, addresses, telephone numbers, etc are kept PRIVATE. This info is stored on our secure servers and is for Alumni Association use ONLY. It is NEVER shared with any other organization. When a classmate wishes to contact you they can send you an email, but they NEVER see your email address or personal information. You at that time decide if you wish to respond. We have done this to protect you. You can login at anytime and update or delete your information. It will take some time to import the data we have collected from old databases and the new information that has been collected this past year. Feel free to register and enter your info even if you have done so in the past. You also can upload pictures. The database will accept the following formats: .jpg • .jpeg • .png • .gif. The file size can be as much as 200kb. YOU CANNOT LOG ONTO THE CLASSMATE DATABASE UNTIL YOU HAVE REGISTERED AND RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION EMAIL.

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