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Class Coordinators

For the Alumni Association to be successful, we are looking for individuals to come forward that will organize their class and become a Class Coordinator.  This person will need to take the initiative in finding their classmates and bringing them together. Suggestion is to break the class list down and designate portions to fellow assistant coordinators that are in the same demographic region or in contact with specific groups of classmates.  We would like to see all classes represented. If you are interested in being a Class Coordinator, please contact: Webmaster

"50" Looking for a Class Coordinator!

"51" Looking for a Class Coordinator!

"52" Patricia Carson

"53" Carolyn Spangler Casey

"54" Looking for a Class Coordinator!

"55" Looking for a Class Coordinator!

"56" Rosemary Ermshar Schull

"57" Looking for a Class Coordinator!

"58" Carol McIntyre
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"59" Dennis Wade

"60" Richard West

"61" Ron Kunkel and Char Murata-Barton

"62" Virginia Ashby Shearer

"63" Dr George M Whitehead

"64" Lee McIntyre & Teri Cornwall (Co-Coordinators)


"66" Patti Rakis

"67" Carol Davis-Bolden Class Website

"68" Judi Perkins-Griffin

"69" Dawn Gustafson-Barclay

“69” Timothy Hullquist

"70" Ken Hanafin

”70“ Gary McCary

"71" Nanci Stahlman

”71“ Marilee Angell-Walker

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"73" Kevin Barnhart

"74" Ivy Glasscock Westmoreland

"75" Don Sceville

"76" Maggie Montez-Martinez 760-863-8102 "76"

Tina Tina Hernandez-Dixon Joint-Coordinators

"77" Bonnie J Brennan Baer

"78" Looking for a Class Coordinator!

"79" Looking for a Class Coordinator!

"80" Looking for a Class Coordinator!

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"82" Looking for a Class Coordinator!

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"84" Davenie Driver-Tulledge

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"88" Harry Kinnen

"89" Sylvia Preciado Anderson

"90" DeNyse Carbajal-Nation

"91" Kimberly Mohr

"92" Melody Anderson

"93" Looking for a Class Coordinator!

Melissa Zimmerman Baskett

"95" Amy Cash

"96" Looking for Class Coordinator!

"97" Looking for Class Coordinator!

Faculty/Staff Coordinator

"66-91" Curtis Perkins
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